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Democrats take control of House, Republicans hold majority

Democrats take control of House, Republicans hold majority

These midterm elections recorded a number of voters that had not been seen for half a century. More than 113 million people went to the polls on Tuesday, November 6 which could be 48 percent of eligible Americans to renew the third of the Senate, the entire House of Representatives and 36 governors. All rights reserved.

REVERSAL. After a tough battle on the ground, the Senate remains in the hands of the GOP but the House of Representatives is falling into the Democrats camp under the midterm elections.

By Marie Le Blé ...
Created : Nov. 07, 2018, 10:15 AM - Modified : Nov. 07, 2018, 2:18 PM

The blue wave as announced did not occur but... After a tough battle on the ground, the Senate remains in the hands of the GOP but the House of Representatives is falling into the Democrats camp under the midterm elections.

The battle will have been tough and the mobilization very strong, including with early polls, sometimes record high and well above the turnout in the last midterm elections in some states like Texas. In a Tweet posted shortly after 11:00 PM which will be the only one of the evening, the President, Donald Trump, has congratulated, at the end of a crazy day, a \"Tremendous success tonight\" before addressing a \"thanks to all\".

A ritual at the ballot box

A brief statement that could be interpreted as the welcome of a victory, that of the preservation of the all-powerful Senate by his side. The latest results announce 51 seats won by the Republicans including three states, North Dakota, Indiana and Missouri taken to the opponent camp against 46 for the Democates with the only Nevada won against what became the party Trump.

But this somewhat laconic post could also refer to what became a ritual when returning to the polls in midterm.
The president who has beaten the campaign for two months with 30 rallies to his credit, including three in a single day on the eve of the poll had himself hinted.
The results of the ballot boxes have not contradicted it and this quasi-electoral tradition has once again been confirmed.

First mobilization since the defeat

Donald Trump has seen the House of Representatives fall into the hands of the Democrats. Even if the predictions of a blue wave did not take place, the Democratic Party took 225 seats against 197 for the GOP which left 30 seats to its opponents.
This hand-up on the House of Representatives also corresponds to the first mobilization by the electoral route of the opponents of the elected president since the glaring defeat of Hillary Clinton.

113 women in the House

Nancy Pelosi, hand-picked in the 12th Congressional District of California, is expected to return to her position as Speaker of the House from 2007 to 2011. But behind this usual Congress face, an impressive number of newly elected women . They will be no less than 113 to enter the House next January: 87 women from the Democratic Party, 13 Republican and 13 unreported.
Sign of the push of a new generation? These elections were also marked by diversity in terms of race and religion. Women, always, Rashida Tlaib (Michigan) and Ilhan Omar (Minnesota) become the first two Muslim women in Congress.
Texas will also be represented by the first two Latina women in Congress, Sylvia Garcia and Veronica Escobar. African American women will represent several states in Washington for the first time, too, like Ayanna Pressley (Massachusetts) and Jahana Hayes (Connecticut).

The youngest representative in history

The winner of these elections is above all Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who at 29, became the youngest woman ever elected to the House. The young woman had already come into the spotlight when she won her race in New York\'s 14th Congressional District of Queens and the Bronx after long-term beating Democratic Rep. Joe Crowley in an unexpected primary upset earlier this year.
New blood emerging from a record number of female candidates who were no less than 3500 to run in this congressional race or other functions such as governor. As a direct result of the spurt of the Me too movement and before it of the \"pink cups\", if the Liberals did not take everything in their path, the wave of women in Congress has come true.

Cold sweats in Texas

What can we expect now from this new composition ? The Senate should remain strong on the Republican side despite ongoing recounts as Florida including the races for senator, governor, and commissioner of agriculture and some cold sweats in some states such as Texas, traditionally very conservative, where the very anchored Ted Cruz has struggled to find his seat. The Gop candidate has been finally reelected with 51% of the vote by beating his Democratic opponent Beto O\'Rourke who won 48% of the vote.
After two years of exercise with behind him a Congress mainly under his camp including the difficulties encountered, Donald Trump will have to count with his opponents Democrats in command of the House of Representatives. Handshakes, if they occur, may be icy.


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