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Our most important goals in few words:
- The Daily View wants to give the floor to people who do not get a chance to express themselves.
Your story is our story.
- We also want to expand our team by recruiting, among others, journalists who, for economic reasons, are no longer able to practice their profession. Most people of these reporters, by shame of not being able to live anymore from their passion, hide their situation while some are very talented.
- Inform is a right. The world, our country, our cities, our neighborhoods need journalists. It is the guarantee of freedom to all.

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AboutThe Daily View

The Daily View is a glocal collaborative platform that aims to share your stories.

Through information coming from all over the world and around the corner, we will make sure that you get heard at the global scale!

This daily news wants to be close to all, especially to the people who have unique & untold experiences (or biography) ready to shine in the spotlight. Your story is our story...

The Daily View was founded in the USA for an English-speaking audience; nevertheless, we want to be as inclusive as possible, so we also created a space dedicated to the French-speaking community via The Daily Blog.

Our vision is to provide you with genuine content from the field, to check & verify vigorously the information, and putting our participants in the front row in the most ethical, fair and honest way.

Transparence is our mission. To ensure that all stakeholders find their place on the platform, we need to allow our journalists to exercise their profession with dignity by offering them a compensated collaboration.

Your support will help to remunerate these colleagues, and thus promote the website in the perspective of its global growth.

Your altruistic interest in our community is really precious to us because we want to empower our readers, too, by exchanging ideas and honest feedback to our writers so that the content delivered constantly improves in quality.

A small donation will help us move forward with the idea that the press can live in symbiosis with modern tools and must continue to inform the general public.

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